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“My work doesn’t feel like work. I wake up, check my agenda, and get excited about seeing my customers.” – Sophie

Jun 21, 2024 | Salon Stories

Meet Sophie, one of our most beloved members of the Rotterdam community. As the founder of Adam Eve Aesthetics, Sophie has carved out a unique niche in the beauty industry with her dedication to quality and precision. Her journey, from studying dentistry in Germany to becoming a renowned beauty professional in Rotterdam, is nothing short of inspiring. Sophie’s story is a testament to following one’s passion, overcoming challenges, and finding fulfillment in making others feel confident and beautiful.

So Sophie, the first question I always ask is what inspired you to start your salon? We briefly talked about it during our Salon Share event, and I know you have an interesting life story. So if you want to talk about it, go ahead.

“I think we have to start from the beginning. How did I start with beauty? Well, actually I was studying dentistry in Germany. In 2019, I came to the Netherlands for love because I met my ex-boyfriend in Bali on vacation. I did not like my study at all. I love the small detailed work, but the study was just so dry. my professor saw that talent and said that I should do something in beauty and something I really like. Moving here was the opportunity to stop with the study and then start for myself. It was difficult in the beginning because people were like, “You don’t want to become a doctor, you want to do lashes? What’s wrong with you?” But I made a decision and came to the Netherlands in 2019. I started from home in August, and in only five months, I opened my first store. I had zero reviews, zero customers, and spoke no Dutch. After five months, I opened my first studio. Then Covid hit. It was a very nice adventure. We broke up, and I went back to Germany. So everything I built up in this time, nothing was left. I lost my friends, my boyfriend, my home, and the business I built. Then I became a flight attendant.

And how was that working experience?

“I hated having someone over me after working for myself. Also, I missed Rotterdam. Customers still contacted me via Instagram, saying they missed me and couldn’t find someone as good as me. So I decided to come back on my own. Now, it’s the love for Rotterdam that keeps me here. It’s the best thing I could do. I first started in a small room in a gym and was living with a friend. Now, within a year, I have my own studio, and life is perfect. I’m living and working here, just around the corner. Within one year, everything fell into place.”

That’s amazing. How did you find Gallery?

“When I checked on other salons, I always saw the picture of the entrance but never knew what it was. When I was looking for places to work, I found Gallery. Initially, I thought it was too expensive for me, but I was lucky that a room was available. Everything worked out, and now I love Gallery. I don’t want a big store again. Gallery is perfect for me.

That’s really great to hear. What’s the meaning behind your business’ name & the mission that drives your work?

“About the name, Adam Eve Aesthetics. I was thinking hard about the name of my store. I started as Sophie’s World, but then I wanted to be more professional. I treat men and women, so I thought of something that represents both. Adam and Eve are very clear symbols of a man and a woman, and aesthetics describe my work best. It’s also a bit of a wordplay. I’m also German, so I love quality and can’t do anything other than being the best. I’m very precise. All the good traits that Germans are known for are very helpful for my work.”


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The people. It’s the connection. My work doesn’t feel like work. I wake up, check my agenda, and get excited about seeing my customers. I love that. As a dentist, you’re just doing a filling, but with beauty, people appreciate your work. They feel better and more confident, and that makes me happy.”


What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken & the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

Coming back to Rotterdam. I always take risks because I believe you only regret the things you haven’t done. You have to dare to win. If you don’t dare, you can’t win. If it was easy, everyone would have a beauty salon. Don’t be dependent. I’m grateful for the chance my ex gave me, but leaving everything behind was hard. Don’t give up. Things don’t work out the first time, but with time and training, you become the best. Enjoy the process and the journey.



What were some unexpected benefits of joining Gallery?

“I was worried about the parking, but it hasn’t been a problem. I thought I was just getting a studio, but we are really a community. We do things together, and it’s nice to see other salon owners and talk with them. Gallery also provides a security system, so I don’t have to worry about that. It’s more than just a studio; it’s also about the community.

How do you stay inspired and creative?

I love being the best and staying the best. My vision is not to grow big but to keep improving. I look for new products and techniques, mostly from Russia, because they are high-end in beauty. I always want to keep up and be the best.”


Are there any trends in the beauty industry that you are excited about?

“Airbrush brows are the next thing I’m excited about. I do brows, waxing, and hybrid color, but airbrush brows are more like powder brows but not permanent. I also keep up with the latest techniques in laser treatments to ensure I’m always the best.”



Do you have anything else to share?

“A very important thing to me is that blowing another woman’s candle out doesn’t make your light shine brighter. Support each other and cheer for each other. Jealousy doesn’t help anyone. Do what you love and not what others expect you to do. If you love what you do, you will be good at it.

Do you also want to become a salon owner? Download the step-by-step plan here.

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