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Marion’s Makeover: Building the Eyebrow Guru from the Ground Up

May 6, 2024 | Salon Stories

Welcome to our latest spotlight feature, where we get up close with Marion, the creative force behind Eyebrow Guru.

From her early days in social work to pioneering her own beauty salon, Marion’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as she shares the twists and turns of building her business from scratch, her passion for eco-friendly beauty, and why she believes a great eyebrow can be transformative.

Get ready to be inspired by Marion’s story of passion, resilience, and eyebrows done right

What inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry after studying social work?

“I found myself fascinated by people and cultures while working in a youth hostel, a diversion from my social work studies. This fascination, coupled with a lifelong love for makeup and beauty, led me to a makeup school where I earned my artist certificate. My career took a turn towards the beauty industry as I delved into freelance makeup artistry alongside other jobs, eventually managing a beauty salon. It was there that I discovered my passion for combining the aesthetic with a deeper, more natural approach to beauty, inspired by brands like Aveda.

How did you overcome the challenges of burnout and find a new direction in your career?

“After experiencing a severe burnout from the demanding nature of my job, I turned to meditation for recovery, which not only helped me heal but also led me to become a meditation teacher. This period of introspection, coupled with encouragement from a former makeup client, rekindled my desire to not waste my talents and consider starting my own business. The idea of creating something personal and authentic in the beauty industry began to take root, leading me to focus on eyebrows, a niche I felt passionate about and saw potential in.

Can you describe the transition from working multiple jobs to focusing solely on your eyebrow business?

“Starting with a small clientele and balancing multiple jobs, I decided to leverage Instagram to showcase my work, focusing on before and after photos of my eyebrow stylings. This strategy proved successful, expanding my client base significantly within six months, allowing me to quit my other jobs and dedicate myself entirely to my eyebrow business. This shift marked a significant turning point in my career, enabling me to pursue my passion full-time.”


How did you end up choosing the Gallery as the location for your salon, and how has it influenced your work and environment?

“During the lockdown, I noticed many empty spaces while cycling through the city, prompting me to explore my options. Gallery caught my attention on Funda, and despite the timing, I was drawn to the space and the community it promised. Meeting Britt and Camiel, who were transparent and supportive, made my decision easier. Gallery allowed me to create a unique space for my salon, enhancing my creativity and productivity by providing a peaceful environment where I could offer a holistic eyebrow styling experience.”


How do you incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into your salon practices?

“Influenced by my previous experience with Aveda, I prioritize sustainability in my salon by choosing eco-friendly brands and products. This commitment led me to select a London-based brand for brow lamination products, appreciating their eco-conscious packaging and diverse aesthetic. Despite logistical challenges, my focus remains on reducing waste and using sustainable materials like bamboo for salon supplies.”

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my work is not just the aesthetic improvement of eyebrows but providing a space for clients to relax and recharge. Incorporating relaxation techniques, nature sounds, and even meditation into the eyebrow styling process has transformed my service into a holistic experience. Witnessing clients leave not only satisfied with their brows but also in a state of relaxation is incredibly fulfilling.”

What does a typical day look like for you in the Gallery, and how does the community there influence your work?

“My week is divided between administrative tasks and client appointments, with a focus on providing a personalized and peaceful service. Gallery has enabled me to establish a space that reflects my values and approach to beauty, significantly contributing to my creativity and productivity. The communal atmosphere, while presenting its challenges, also offers opportunities for connection and inspiration, further enriching my salon experience.


Do you have any final thoughts or advice for others in the beauty industry or those considering entrepreneurship?

“My journey has taught me the importance of being true to oneself and realistic about one’s capabilities. A business needs room to grow and evolve, which means allowing space for experimentation and learning from mistakes. Sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned with others in the industry, especially those just starting, is both a responsibility and a joy. Emphasizing authenticity, self-care, and quality service has been key to my success and fulfillment in this field.


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