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“It is a privilege to be a salon owner” – Annalia

Apr 19, 2022 | Salon Stories

Annalia always knew she would one day become self-employed, but she didn’t know how, where and when. When The Gallery came her way, the choice to go for it was quickly made. Now she is happier than ever and she knows it for sure: this was the right choice. 

How does it feel to be a salon owner?
It feels like freedom, happiness, and gratitude. I am extremely happy that I took the risk to believe in myself. I always knew I would have my own place, but I didn’t know in what form, like where and how. All I knew is that I would do something for myself.

When I wake up in the morning, I always thought: ugh, another day. Now I wake up and I think: cool! The sun is shining, I’m going to meet new people and share positive moments.

What do you do differently since you became self-employed?
I can now take the time to listen to my customers. Before this I always had customer after customer, without really having time for them. The problem with working for someone else is that you’re working for that person’s definition of a hairdresser. Now I can create my own definition of a hairdresser.

What was important to you when you designed your own salon?
I wanted the salon to not feel like a typical hair salon. That’s why I chose this mirror, for example, you don’t often see them that big and round in a salon. I chose cosy, relaxing colors because I want it to feel like a relaxing bubble for my clients. They can just come here and be completely themselves and be relaxed. I also consciously chose to put few products in my salon because I personally hate having too many options.

In my private life I am a minimalist person, I recycle a lot. I wanted to continue that in my salon. That’s why I have products in recycled bottles, for example. Customers can then return with the bottle, which I can simply refill. That is extremely durable and minimalistic, which suits me.

What is the feeling that you want to give your customers in your salon?
When my clients come in, I want them to feel relaxed, cozy and safe. When they leave the salon I want them to think: I’m beautiful! That is very important to me, the feeling they have when they leave. In addition, I try not only to make sure that they feel beautiful after the treatment, but still after a week. That also makes them want to come back to me again.


Do you have any tips for others who have yet to design their salon?
I always say, we salon owners have the power, so use it! If you have yet to furnish your salon, make choices that make you feel happy and grateful. Being a salon owner is a huge privilege.


Do you also want to become a salon owner? Download the step-by-step plan here.

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