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Brazilian Touch: Aline’s Journey from International Relations to Beauty Success

Jun 3, 2024 | Salon Stories

Today, we’re excited to share the story of Aline, the founder of Brazilian Touch.

Aline made a bold career switch from international relations to opening her own beauty salon. Her journey shows the power of following your passion and adapting to new challenges.

Explore Aline’s path and learn how she built her successful business in the beauty industry.

To start off, Aline, what inspired you to open your own salon?

“I started in international relations, but I was always very into the beauty industry since I was very young. My interests changed a lot since I was 16. At 16, I wanted to do biology. Then I thought about education and fitness, and even considered becoming a dermatologist, but it was too expensive in Brazil. After traveling and living in Amsterdam, I decided to switch to international relations because I was in love with the world. You know, when you’re young, you just don’t know what you want; you’re just trying things out.

That’s quite a shift! How did you discover Gallery?

“I found Gallery through ClassPass. I was looking for a place that felt right and stumbled upon Gallery after a yoga or pilates class. I saw it on Instagram, took a flyer, and decided to explore it.”

In your salon, how do you make sure each client has a personalized experience?

My approach is about treating clients as individuals, not just numbers. I base my protocols on my experiences, focusing on genuine care and personalized treatment. I think it’s really about creating an environment where clients feel valued and taken care of.


What does a typical day look like for you at Gallery?

“My days are quite structured. I start with a matcha drink, then head to yoga or pilates. I spend the rest of the day attending to clients, with short breaks for meals. I aim to finish by 8 PM to maintain a balance between my professional and personal life.”


What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Starting my own business was a huge risk, especially after a challenging partnership that felt more like a marriage than a collaboration. I had to start from scratch alone, navigating business management without prior experience, which was daunting but ultimately rewarding.”


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